How To Launch Brunch in NYC

How To Launch Brunch in NYC

Clients often ask us what is the best way to launch brunch, especially when they have recently opened. While brunch can be a great new revenue stream, it is not without its challenges from staffing levels to kitchen readiness. Brunch in NYC is extremely competitive, it’s a more habitual activity than dinner and everyone seems to have their go-to brunch spot. So it may take time to build and it’s important to launch it properly.

As we wrote in a recent blog post, timing and staffing are key. Is your kitchen ready to prep for brunch then turnaround for dinner service? Are you fully staffed and not stretching your team – and yourself – too thin?

Timing wise, we always recommend getting opening dinner service under your belt first, if possible. Waiting even a few weeks allows your restaurant’s team to settle in and gives your PR partners an opportunity to reach out to the media again with a fresh angle. If you start everything at once, you are giving yourself fewer press opportunities and a lot of pressure to get every service right from the get-go. Then brunch becomes a mere mention in an opening announcement instead of more extensive coverage. And don’t forget great photos will guarantee you more exposure!

Our client Syndicated in Bushwick just launched brunch, roughly six weeks after opening. The press response was terrific, with coverage in a number of outlets including Time OutUrbanDaddyGothamistBrooklyn Magazine, BrunchBoys and Bushwick Daily.


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