Reinventing the Hotel Restaurant

Reinventing the Hotel Restaurant

Stoke Restaurant, Charlotte, NC

The days of the stodgy hotel restaurant are long gone – or should be if an operator wants to be relevant in the local market. Over the past decade, hotel dining in the U.S. has transformed from targeting in-house guests to unique chef-driven destinations that draw locals, while also serving hotel guests. Customers today are looking for dining outlets that engage the community and can be amenities for nearby residents. The world’s top chefs have all partnered with major brands and no longer can a hotel open a restaurant without a clear concept that appeals to locals. If a restaurant succeeds in attracting locals, hotel guests will use the space as well but if a restaurant cannot succeed with locals, then guests will look off property, thus depriving the hotel of F&B revenue.

MST Creative Group has worked with successful restaurant and bar launches in hotels across the country, from Las Vegas to Boston to Charlotte, NC to Miami. Each success story has followed the same formula:

  • The concept has a strong point of culinary/bar program view that appeals to the local market
  • Restaurant concepts have all been chef driven while bars are mixologist driven
  • The PR and marketing programs have targeted local media in telling the unique story of the property
  • Additional PR outreach to national and international outlets brings exposure to travelers

Read more about our successful launch of Gin + Collins in the AC Miami Beach in this case study.

This Fall, MST Creative Group has partnered with Pure Grey, a new consulting group that activates restaurants and bars in hotels worldwide. Pure Grey can handle a restaurant or bar launch from start to finish or any steps in between, from concept development to menu design to staffing key personnel to back-end operations and much more. Stay tuned for more news on this exciting partnership and restaurant development in hotels around the world.

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